Museum: Florida Aviation Museums 2009

Great holiday in central Florida provided the perfect opportunity to revisit Fantasy of Flight but also to travel slightly further afield and take in Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville, Florida Air Museum and Kermit Weeks’ reserve collection at Lakeland Airport.

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Museum: Fantasy of Flight 2004

Fantasy of Flight is home to one man’s personal collection of historic aircraft and personal mission to create a theme park around the wonder of flight.  It is an outstanding achievement and incredible collection of aircraft, of which many are still capable of flight.

Highlights included P-51’s “Cripes A’Mighty 3rd” and “INA the Macon Belle”, Spitfire Mk XVI, Short Sunderland, Constellation, 

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Museum: Fleet Air Arm Museum

A first (serious) visit to this excellent museum.  Why serious, I had previously visited Yeovilton as a small boy when as a family we used it as as stopover to break up the journey from Kent down to Devon & Cornwall on summer holidays.  However, this was first visit armed with a camera and more knowledge & interest than a little kid with big dreams!

Highlights included BAC Concorde prototype, Westland Wyvern and a superb carrier experience.

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